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AP Top Headlines At 5 a.m. EST: - Japan says it trusts Jordan to help Islamic State hostage - News Guide: A look at the Islamic State hostage crisis - As Iraqi Kurds gain ground from IS, local Sunnis are wary - Attorney General nominee moves closer to confirmation - Israel-Lebanon border calm day after escalation - Indonesian investigators: Crashed AirAsia flown by co-pilot - Israeli center-left alliance looks to unseat Netanyahu - Squatters slow Detroit's plan to bulldoze way to prosperity - NYC mayor's vibrant deaf interpreter creates his own storm - Fed sees strengthening economy but stays 'patient' on rates -

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Qualcomm expects to lose a large customer's flagship device
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Adding power cost to our financial model
No time to post today’s entry
Adding staffing costs to our financial model
Happy New (Budget) Year
Closing in on the new year
Can you recover from a mistake?
A metric you usually don’t think about
Of budgets and buckets
IT Financial Data is looking.
Is saving the same as earning?

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