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AP Top Headlines At 10 a.m. EDT: - Prosecutors: Co-pilot treated for suicidal tendencies - Iran nuclear talks at crunch time, differences remain - Iran says US drone kills 2 advisers in Iraq; US denies claim - Yemeni rebels shell Aden as Saudi launches more airstrikes - 10 Things to Know for Today - Former Israeli Premier Olmert convicted in corruption case - Church van crashes into canal, killing 8 and injuring 10 - AP president: Killing of journalists should be a war crime - Trevor Noah set to replace Stewart on 'Daily Show' - Three No. 1 seeds in the Final Four -

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Chinese Scientists Plan Solar Power Station In Space
Secret Service Plans New Fence, Full Scale White House Replica, But No Moat
At the Track With Formula E, the First e-Racing Series
Europol Chief Warns About Computer Encryption
FCC Chairman: Net Rules Will Withstand Court Challenge
NASA Denies New Space Station Partnership With Russia
Chrome OS Receives Extreme Makeover With Material Design and Google Now
Nation's Biggest Nuclear Firm Makes a Play For Carbon Credit Cash
NSA: We Mulled Ending Phone Program Before Edward Snowden Leaks
Supermario 64 Coming To a Browser Near You!

T-Mobile rolls out ever-updating map so you can check your coverage
Replica of Harry Potter's 'Monster Book of Monsters' creeps out
Get movie editor Muvee Reveal 11 (Win) for $14.99
Apple's Tim Cook speaks out against pro-discrimination laws
Coachella, Lollapalooza ban selfie sticks
Kanye, Rihanna and Beyoncé turn blue for Jay Z's Spotify rival Tidal
PlayStation spins free Spotify tunes on your TV
School principals threaten parents with police if kids play 'Grand Theft Auto'
Researchers demonstrate quantum entanglement, prove Einstein wrong
'Fear the Walking Dead' in ominous first trailer for zombie spin-off
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No time to post today’s entry
Adding staffing costs to our financial model
Happy New (Budget) Year
Closing in on the new year
Can you recover from a mistake?
A metric you usually don’t think about
Of budgets and buckets
IT Financial Data is looking.
Is saving the same as earning?

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